Down load Whitenoise Encrypted File

Randomness is an important element of encryption.

Whitenoise appears to be very random; certainly more random than any of the AES submissions.

The file to be downloaded is a file encrypted using the Whitenoise encryption system.

If you want to quickly conduct randomness testing please do the following:

Go to the following web site and follow the testing directions. This site uses radioactive decay as a random data source.

At this site you can rapidly (just a minute or two) perform at least 6 tests evaluating the randomness of encrypted data. Compare the results of these tests with the Whitenoise random data file attached with the results achieved with a chunk of encrypted data using any process you currently employ, or compare the results against those achieved on the Hotbits site.

Testing results from extensive randomness testing against the NIST test suite is available from the University of Victoria.