Whitenoise technologies are known solutions internationally and they are validated.
A single whitenoise key provides perfect identity, a moving target defense, and a self healing network. It prevents all known cyber attacks.

Founded 2008 and completed global patenting program in 2013

  • More than 40 patents have been granted globally in countries including US, Canada, EU, China, India, South Korea, Brazil etc.
  • Performance Analysis, University of Victoria funded by the National Research Council of Canada
  • Security Analysis , University of California Berkeley
  • Side Channel Attack Resistance, University of Victoria, funded by the National Research Council of Canada
  • Technical overview by Director of Disruptive Technologies for General Dynamics UK
Milestones Currently we are working at the Canadian Cyber Accelerator at the Cambridge Innovation Center at MIT at the invitation of the Council General of the Canadian Boston consulate and International Trade Canada.



2008 Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc.
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