We have prepared a special trial version of Whitenoise File Security that can be downloaded to your USB Flash Memory drive. It is fully functional and will enable you to try out all the features of this secure, user-friendly, file protection system. You'll experience its incredible speed, as you securely encrypt one file or a number of files simultaneously to protect sensitive business and personal data on your laptop or desktop.

Send encrypted files between your home and your office; transmit encrypted files over the Internet, over wireless networks or MS Messenger.

This trial version will demonstrate Whitenoise File security features for your evaluation for 30 days. At the conclusion of the trial you will only be able to decrypt [restore] any encrypted files.

Caution: this trial version uses one common encryption key. Anyone downloading this trial version can decrypt files encrypted by it. The full commercial version employs unique keys that are engineered for each individual. Information protected by these keys, cannot be read by anyone else. See attached reports on Whitenoise security under "Test Results" on our web site.

Please note: Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the trial version of Whitenoise, you will be prompted for a password when you use it. The password for the trial version is "pass".

Should you require additional support please see the Quick Start guide and the File Security manual on our web site under Products/Support. Should you require further assistance please click on contact support or sales or call (604)250-0102.

David Wagner Says:

Exhaustive key search is not a threat.

Whitenoise uses keys with at least 1600 bits of randomness. Exhaustive Search of 1600-bit keys is completely and absolutely infeasible. Even if we hypothesized the existence of some magic computer that could test a trillion trillion key trials per second (very unlikely!), and even if we could place a trillion trillion such computers somewhere throughout the universe (even more unlikely!), and even if we were willing to wait a trillion trillion years (not a chance!), then the probability that we would discover the correct key would be negligible (about 1/2^1340, which is unimaginably small).

In this report, I tried every attack I could think of. All of them failed. This provides evidence for the hypothesis that Whitenoise is cryptographically secure.

-Professor David Wagner, Berkeley, October 2003

Security analysis by David Wagner

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