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Whitenoise-DIVA-TLS is a simple extension for MS LDAP/CAS and openSSL:

Learn how Whitenoise keys are made:

See demo of how Whitenoise keys are made and see speed testing:

Learn how DIVA works:

See demo of how DIVA works :

See demo of how DIVA works (Sierra Wireless Best in Class):

See demo of email attachment encryptor - Secure Email Demo

See European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI presentation at the Einstein in Sophia Antipolis, France on DIVA and DDKI:

See how public keys can be broken. This utility is NOT available by law:

Learn how to break RSA with a simple prime number dictionary attack. Please review paper presented at the RSA conference 2015 with the Canadian Trade Delegation on how to break RSA, EEC and AES.

Whitenoise commercial: