After Russia purportedly shut down Estonia's government computer systems, Estonia responded with a simple but effective solution that is similar to Whitenoise's. Each person was issued a unique, distributed identification that became required to successfully log onto their system to receive government services.

WNL has asked the US intel community why certain countries show so much interest in Whitenoise technologies. See Slide 33 of http://www.wnlabs.com/pdf/Cyber_Belt_Presentation.pdf.

Estonia correctly focused on authentication and identity.

This is the same approach provided by the Whitenoise Transport Layer Security (TLS) extension with some major differences. Each person is issued a unique key for identification.

This key can be used for all services and security controls. The key is an unbreakable one-time-pad that imposes identity with secure network access and continuous, dynamic authentication throughout a session. Identity and data provenance is imposed with authenticated encryption.

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