20 minutes due diligence on Whitenoise and DIVA

What is historical and unique about a Whitenoise key?

Executive Overview - 2 minute read -



How does DIVA work?

This is the intellectual property that takes an exponential Whitenoise key, exploits the exponential length of the key to deploy it as a one-time-pad (unbreakable), and explains why it is resistant to all known attacks. 3 minute video.


How is a Whitenoise key created?

How can just a few hundred bytes of key structure information create a key stream greater than 100 billion bytes long? Why is there virtually no processing overhead? Why is it so fast and strong? 3 minute video.


Make a Whitenoise key yourself. Prove it to yourself and test it!

You just saw how a Whitenoise key is created. Now do it yourself!

10 minutes to install, create a key, and do AES style speed and key randomness testing.

This is EASY enough for any executive. At minimum, you just need to pass pass this link to your security lead. They know what a one-time-pad means. Privacy and security is our collective responsibility - and this will give you a distinct differentiator and competitive advantage over your business competitors. Besides doing the right thing, it is good business.

Take a moment and pass this link to your security lead and 10 colleagues that are as concerned about Privacy and Security as we all are. They can be proving great security science to themselves in minutes:


Download the Whitenoise key generation and speed tester. 1 minute to download and install.


There is no appreciable overhead added to your networks and applications for unbreakable security. Do a fast test - after you create a key or use a key to encrypt a file, try to compress it with PKZip or 7Zip. It will not compress because it is perfectly random.


Streaming, Digital Rights Management and high volume Big Data contexts; and secure data storage!

Testing - just 20 minutes more for the extras.

For those interested in streaming applications, multi-media, video technologies and high volume, high data real-time applications please review the following materials and test it out and prove it to yourself now! You can play doubly encrypted data without any noticeable latency to the end user and be able to completely secure all your content and assign provenance.

The global entertainment industry has been in a conundrum about how to protect intellectual property and how to control the use of THEIR content.

The following links show how to fix the entire problem in one or two product cycles globally using a chip deployment (same chip as used for Side Channel attack resistance) or a firmware upgrade. The entire entertainment industry can be morphed into a virtual "bricks and mortar framework" returning us to the times where a complete CD cost a few dollars, concert tickets return to $20, artists get paid, entertainment industry makes money hand over fist, and apologists justifying the theft of artistic intellectual property are reigned in. It is simple.


The solution is explained at the tail end of the above paper. It explains the simple logical solution to plugging the "analog hole." This is the context where encrypted media needs to be decrypted to be played, and when the signal is decrypted it is available for capture and copying.

You can rapidly test the encrypted streaming utility in 20 more well spent minutes.

Download: http://www.wnlabs.com/papers/WNL_HDD_and_Streaming_Demos.zip

Download an encrypted media file about the British Columbia Institute of Technology. http://www.wnlabs.com/downloads/BCIT_VIDEO.AVI.wnm.zip

Install the streaming demo software application. Copy it to a USB flash drive key and then follow installation instructions. Install the application and the codec for MicroSoft media player. The reason that you are installing the application from a USB drive is so that during testing you can remove the key and see that they media will not play without the correct key. The media that you are testing and playing is encrypted with Whitenoise.

Take your testing one step further!

Install the Hard Disk Drive Encryptor - 2 minutes 

This application facilitates the automate storage of work data etc. without any change whatsoever in user behavior. Data is stored encrypted in a unique virtual container automatically.

Save the media file you just tested to a virtual container in the Hard Disk Drive application. This file is now DOUBLY ENCRYPTED. Play the media file and you will see that even with two decryption steps that the media file plays without any perceptible latency!

Share these links with your security programming lead and 10 other persons that are as concerned about balancing between Privacy and Security as we are.


Find more information for due diligence, studies, videos, demos etc. at www.wnlabs.com or on the following Linked In site.

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