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The Streaming Demo shows the low overhead of Whitenoise™.

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Download Key burning Application.

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Streaming Demo

This Whitenoise Streaming demo allows you to rapidly see how easy it is to secure high volume, high speed feeds required for secure real-time streaming applications.

No additional hardware is required for high performance applications.

It is particularly well suited for wireless streaming applications ranging from content-on-demand to surveillance.

Its value proposition increases as the size of the mobile devices get smaller, the network perimeter gets larger, and the amount of “real estate” available on boards and chips diminishes.

This low overhead high performance security is the most cost efficient solution for your streaming security needs.

How to Setup Demo

  1. Download the Codec for your Windows Media Player and install it.
  2. Download the key burning application and extract it onto a USB flash memory drive and run it to copy the key onto you flash drive.
  3. Download the encrypted video to your desktop. You can play and evaluate performance by double clicking on the Whitenoise media file (.wnm file) when your USB based media key is in your USB port.

If the file fails to play you may require a Codec required by the un-encrypted file.

If you have any problems contact support@wnlabs.com



Whitenoise™ allows for "Trick Play" of movies (skipping around).

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