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SFI enables easy and secure document/file sharing over the Internet.  
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Secure File Interchange (SFI)

SFI provides the enterprise with an extremely secure, highly functional, document exchange system at very affordable pricing. Its intuitive graphical user interface, when combined with the highly secure Identity Management system called Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA™) utilizing unique features of Whitenoise™, provides an integrated document security system that people will use because it doesn't slow them down.

The Whitenoise Identity Management key provides continuous, state based identity verification and authentication of a user throughout the session and not just at login. Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication [DIVA] provides inherent intrusion detection [the offsets must remain in sync] and automatic denial of network access to hackers and spoofing. This is a technological capability not seen to date.



SFI provides multi-layered user access security. Users are issued a unique USB access key that employs user ID and password protection as well as the requirement for the physical presence of the USB Key. The key allows access to the system both locally and remotely. Keys can be issued to partner companies as well. The keys are used to encrypt sensitive information on the individual's computer(s). This provides additional security in the event a user's computer is lost or stolen.

Secured information is exchanged with predefined rules. Information can be sent to one or more recipients, or predefined groups, in one operation.

SFI is simple to implement and is designed to fit within existing security schemes. It is under the control of the system administrator. A very important feature of the system design is the ability for the system administrator to deactivate lost or stolen keys immediately.

Traditional problems that Secure File Interchange solves –

  1. Key management of these systems explodes into an exponential head ache.

    (Historically the number of keys to manage is the square of the number of secure endpoints on a network.) Secure File Interchange has a one-to-one relationship between the number of keys and endpoints on a secure network.

  2. Key storage – long keys are a better source of identification and security but storing large keys is a nightmare.

    Whitenoise creates keys that will generate unique key streams on the order of 1060 bytes in length. However, only the internal key structure and the offset are required to recreate any key segment. This is a small amount of data. (ie 158 bytes of this information will generate a random key stream over 1 billion bytes long. Learn about multiplicity in conference presentations on our technology page).

  3. Key distribution is a major problem for distributed key systems.

    This is not true any longer – Whitenoise topologies allow distributed keys to in turn securely generate and distribute more encrypted keys.

With all the traditional problems solved, Secure File Interchange provides a secure digital network architecture that is far easier and less expensive to use than asymmetric key systems and there is NO reliance on Trusted Third Parties (outside companies) for your security.

Distributed symmetric systems have always been the prevalent architecture and is the approach that has the least impact on user behavior and is the architecture that consumers world wide are familiar with. This is evidenced by all your important documents that you carry daily: drivers licenses, credit cards, employee ID cards and passports are all examples of distributed keys that you rely on daily.

The flexibility of the Secure File Interchange architecture allows the systems to be used with existing public key systems to add continuous authentication, inherent intrusion detection, and automatic denial of network access to criminals. Add the Secure File Interchange to your security protocols without replacing existing systems and without the need for additional hardware. All you require is an Internet connection.

If you would like more information on SFI please contact us at sales@whitenoiselabs.com. A Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc. representative will be pleased to help you and arrange a demonstration of Secure File Interchange.



SFI securely exchanges documents without ever sharing a user's private key. The documents are encrypted with a session key and then the session key is encrypted by the server in the recipient's key to allow them to decrypt the secure document.

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