Order Whitenoise Personal File Security Preconfigured on a Manhattan USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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Do you already own a USB memory device from another manufacturer and want to download the Whitenoise Personal File Security application to it? Requires less than 2 MB of memory.

($29.95 USD) Special introductory offer

About Whitenoise Personal File Security

Whitenoise and the graphical interface contained on the USB 2.0 drive securely encrypts all of the files that you designate for protection on the computers that you use it on.

The PFS key is uniquely engineered for you. Other PFS keys cannot read your protected files.

Can someone else use my key? Only if you give them your password which you create.

Lost keys? When you install PFS on the first computer that you will be using it on, you will be taken through a registration process, anonymously if you wish to use an alias, that will allow us to quickly replace your key. We can do this by encrypted e-mail if you require the replacement quickly.

You take the key with you so that protected files on lost or stolen computers cannot be read by others.

The number of files that you can encrypt is not limited.

What if an encrypted file becomes corrupted? Whitenoise is bit fault tolerant. The uncorrupted portion of encrypted files can still be read.