Roy Leahy (CEO and President)

Roy Leahy has had an extensive career in high-tech, which continues today at the helm of Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. He has the proven ability to provide Marketing, Sales and Operational leadership for multi-product geographically dispersed, large and medium sized organizations, in the high-tech sector. Through his vast experiences he possesses a wide knowledge of Computers, Software, Data and Telecom technologies, and is particularly adaptive to emerging technologies.

Roy was one of the founding team of the Digital Switching Division at Nortel ($1B) that took the company to world-class status. Roy has held significant Senior Management positions in Sales/Marketing, Product Line management and Operations at Nortel.

This was followed by 3 years as President and Chief Executive Officer of a high-tech network monitoring and control corporation, (PRISM Systems, a joint-venture between Nortel and Telus) from start-up to becoming a $100+ million company.

Roy then spent 6 years as President and CEO of Tri-Link Technologies in the high-tech start up environment (software/hardware) in the Data/Voice Integration field, developing a Switched Ethernet based PBX that was sold to a US based PBX manufacturer as their next-generation offering.

As our primary operational executive, Roy shares the same values, vision, talents, and culture of our Advisory Board, all former prominent Nortel executives, with whom he worked successfully over many years [David Archibald, Arthur MacDonald, Alan Lytle bios available under Advisors]. This has facilitated well-integrated and productive stewardship of Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.