Andre Brission (Co-founder, Vice President Business Development)

Andre Brisson, co-founder of Whitenoise Laboratories Inc., was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in 1958. He spent his formative years growing up in California and had an active interest in school, tennis and music. He earned academic distinctions such as the California Gold Seal Bearer and the National Scholastic Federation.

Andre returned to Canada to finish his honors degree in Psychology at Carleton University with some study at the University of British Columbia. Subsequently, he returned to California where he got an MBA with a minor in international business law at City University in San Diego.

Experiences led him into writing a book on managing Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance and the development of a software program to do so called the Workers Compensation Consultant. Andre founded and ran a small company called International Business Saveware Inc.

During a development phase of IBS, it was necessary to make the Worker’s Compensation Consultant software accessible from the Internet. Good fortune led him to a programmer par excellence, Steve Boren. The creative sparks flew immediately and this led to a partnership and collaborative effort that morphed into a co-founded company Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.

During this time a large array of technologies have been developed and tested. Of particular note are Whitenoise Superkey Encryption, Strong Crack Protection, and BSB Utilities. Proof-of-concepts were created in conjunction with the British Columbia Institute of Technology Industry Sponsored Student Projects.

Today he continues to pursue easy to use security solutions for use in wireless, telematic, media streaming, copy protection, and financial transaction sectors. Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. has recently been invited to be a Symbian Platinum Partner member. Symbian is the world’s standard operating system for cell phones and is currently found on about 80% of the world’s wireless telephones.

His current goal is to try to create a security cluster in the Vancouver, British Columbia area and to have Whitenoise become an accepted standard and improvement to the existing cryptographic options.

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