Stephen Boren (Co-founder, CTO)

Stephen Boren, co-founder of Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. was born in 1967 in Prince George, British Columbia. He spent his formative years in Trail, British Columbia and always had an active interest in academics when it moved at a sufficient pace, but he had a greater interest in sports, following his own creativity and interests, and interacting with the world on his own terms.

In 1982, as a rambunctious teenager, Steve had a catastrophic bicycle accident that left him a high level quadriplegic. Ironically this event unlocked a prodigious intellect and capacity for problem solving and serves as an inspiration to those who believe in the power of intellect and spirit.

Steve chose to go into computer sciences because it afforded a challenging avenue for him to excel and compete on a level playing field where success is based on intellect, effort and creativity and not on physical attributes.

Steve has never looked back and his dream of the future is one that is improving all of our lives. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with degrees in Computing Sciences and Mathematics. Coupled with excellent work ethic, phenomenal intellect, and creative thinking, Steve has achieved and continues to achieve noteworthy results.

Steve worked on cutting edge projects such as plasma screens for the military, medical equipment for rapid and accurate diagnostics, the designing of a bed to prevent pressure sores, and has started several companies including BBR Technologies Inc. that provides a platform for hosting and spawning innovative technological solutions.

Good fortune led to Stephen taking on contract work for International Business Saveware Inc. It was at this time that he met Andre Brisson. Collectively, because of the huge curiosity they both share in an eclectic range of problems, and because of the luck of chemistry between two individuals the creative juices were unleashed.

This relationship spawned the co-founding of a company Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. and through this company a host of much needed security solutions have been developed in conjunction with talented community resources such as those available through the British Columbia Institute of Technology. These technologies run the gamut from cryptography to data obfuscation to anti-theft technologies to telecommunications and on and on and on.

Steve is a shining example of what people can achieve with a good family, a good education, a good outlook on life and unbounded curiosity and perseverance.