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The Security Suite is designed to be your complete personal security solution. You encrypt your own files for security (PC File Encryptor) with your personal key. The Trial version uses a generic key for evaluation. You create your own device specific unique key upon purchase. No one else will ever have the same key. Upon activation of your unique key, a back up folder will be created for you with the activation token. Copy this folder onto a CD for safe storage. Then remove this folder so that it is not on your computer. Following these easy and private steps enable key recovery and/or key replacement so that you will always have access to your encrypted files.

The Security Suite now supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Simplified. Additional languages will be added upon request of our distributors and channel partners.

As your security needs increase and you need secure digital network communications, the PC File Encryptor key can be upgraded to Secure File Interchange keys to facilitate your secure network needs.

PC File Encryptor

PFS prevents access to valuable corporate or personal (Identity) information on a lost or stolen computer.

The key cannot be copied by a thief onto another device and used.

There is multi factor authentication with password and possession of the specific key.

It uses lightning fast, secure Whitenoise Encryption and encrypts megabytes in seconds with no lengthy waits.

FIPS compliant 256 bit AES is included.

SHA 256 is used for data integrity.

Simple Point and Click or Drag and Drop handless multiple files at once.

PFS handles files of all types: spreadsheets, text, data, music, graphics, video, digital photographs, movies.

It includes US Standard DoD 5220.22-M compliant file shredder and leaves no trace of original file on your computer.

It includes strong Identity Management: 250,000 bit sub-keys generate unique key streams of 1060 in length (longer than a DNA chain). This resides on your USB Flash drive to identify you by possession of the device specific key and knowledge or your password.

It may be used on multiple computers and your portable USB identity sequence always identifies you .

Safely send encrypted files between home and office.

PFS satisfies all regulatory compliance mandates including PIPEDA, HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley, Sarbanes Oxley, and Ontario Bill 198, BC Bill 38.

There is no limit to the number of files that you can encrypt and store on your computer or external storage devices.  

Buy now or download free trial version and use it for 30 days.

At the end of the trial period you can decrypt files encrypted with your trial key but will be unable to encrypt any new ones without purchasing the full version.

    Encrypted E-Mail Attachment Utility

    The Whitenoise encrypted e-mail attachment utility allows users to send securely encrypted e-mail attachments to recipients even if they do not have the Whitenoise e-mail encryption software.

    Use of encrypted files as attachments to email is more secure than encrypting an entire email. This is because all of the email formatting information is available to criminals to attack your privacy. This application is similar to PGP.

    The decryptor utility is freely available from our web site so that you can safely communicate with anyone anywhere.

    The sender, who is using the Whitenoise encryption utility, securely encrypts files using a dual password key. The recipient learns the dual passwords by other means like telephone, a separate e-mail message, or from a previous conversation. Upon receiving the encrypted file(s), the recipient clicks on the encrypted pouch, and inputs the dual password key to decrypt the message or documents. These files are now returned to their original form and can be read or stored.

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    * Note: Installer does not support Chinese at this time. You must install using one of the other languages and then set the Language options in the application(s) to use Chinese.

    Installation Instructions

    Step 1 Download the Trial software to your computer from one of the links above.
    Step 2 Extract the contents of the ZIP to an empty Flash Memory Drive.
    Step 3 Browse to the Flash Memory Drive that you extracted the ZIP files to and run SETUP.EXE
    Step 4 Follow the instructions in the setup program. You must restart your computer to finish the installation.
    Step 5 The default username is "user" (without quotes) and the default password is "pass" (without quotes). See the Applications help file for any questions.

    How To Purchase

    To purchase the Security Suite for ($ 34.95 US) click on the Buy Now button on the Personal File Security Toolbar. A new browser window will be opened, follow the instructions on the purchasing page. Personal File Security and the E-Mail attachment encryptor can also be purchased separately by downloading their individual trials.

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