Personal File Encryptor


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This single private key deployment allows your employees to simply encrypt all their files on the go on any mobile device. Just right click and encrypt and all your information is secure.

Now supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Simplified

Prevents access to valuable corporate or personal (Identity) information on a lost or stolen computer
The key cannot be copied by a thief onto another device and used
Multi factor authentication with password and possession of the specific key
Lightning fast secure Whitenoise Encryption: Megabytes in seconds - no lengthy waits
FIPS compliant 256 bit AES included
Uses SHA 256 for data integrity
Simple Point and Click or Drag and Drop multiple files at once
Handles files of all types: spreadsheets, text, data, music, graphics, video, digital photographs, movies
Includes US Standard DoD 5220.22-M compliant file shredder: leaves no trace of original file on your computer
Includes strong Identity Management: 250,000 bit sub-keys generate unique key streams greater than 10 to the 60th power bytes in length (longer than a DNA chain). This resides on your USB Flash drive to identify you by possession of the device specific key and knowledge or your password
May be used on  multiple computers: your portable USB identity sequence identifies you
Safely send encrypted files between home and office
Provides Regulatory Compliance (PIPEDA), (HIPAA), (Gramm Leach Bliley), (Sarbanes Oxley), (Ontario Bill 198, BC Bill 38)
No limit to the number of files that you can encrypt and store on your computer or external storage devices
Free to try for 30 days
At the end of the trial period you can decrypt files encrypted with your trial key but will be unable to encrypt any new ones without purchasing the full version

As your security needs increase and you need secure digital network communications, the PC File Encryptor key can be upgraded to Secure File Interchange keys to facilitate your secure network needs.


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