Secure Session Manager

Secure Session Manager is simple to add to your single sign on login protocol and you will secure your entire network. There is no other integration and it works with any other security frameworks or controls you are currently using like PKI.

Integrated it into your network access login protocol with a simple API.

The underlying protocol, dynamic identity verification and authentication (DIVA), can be used with any existing network in any context and with any operating system. It can be used with any kind of device with connectivity and write-back capacity for the dynamic offsets . Both devices and persons who are allowed network access are given a unique, distributed identity management key which is used to log onto your network.

The identity management key is greater than 250,000 bits in strength, creates key streams in excess of ten to the 60th power bytes in length, and operates like a one-time-pad. It can be used with any other system providing additional multi-factor authentication like user name and passwords, biometrics, public keys etc. depending on the level of security you desire. Secure Session Manager can be used in lieu of those alternatives.

Usage of both symmetric and asymmetric authentication for Non Person Entities (devices, the bulk of which comprise our critical infrastructures to create a "two channel authentication") provides significantly robust multi-factor authentication.

DIVA is the only authentication and identity management that is 100% accurate and the only one that cannot be hacked, guessed or broken. All persons that access YOUR network are continuously authenticated throughout a network session and complete logs are kept of their network activity. It can be used for encryption, as well, and it can also be used in conjunction with AES.

These identity management keys cannot be broken and a hacker or criminal cannot use a stolen or copied key without detection. Activity on the network cannot be spoofed to impersonate another network user. The only persons or devices on your network will be those that you allow.


WN, DIVA, DDKI Software Developer Kit

In a distributed key system the endpoint network user or device has his own unique key and a secure server has copies of all the keys allowed on the network. The identity management key for your employees or clients is carried on a small USB2 micro flash drive that easily fits on their key ring and will always be with them. The identity management key for remote or mobile devices or components is securely added to their firmware.

The endpoint application can be run directly from the USB drive and does not even have to be installed on the computer trying to access your network from anywhere in the world.

The component labeled SSM DIVA (Secure Session Manager/Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication) is the protocol engine that resides on a secure server and authenticates and logs all network access and use.

This component performs the dynamic authentication of network users, manages the continuously changing offsets of each key, provides the inherent intrusion detection, and automatically revokes illegal network access. This managed authentication service can be provided by Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada ) Inc. or the host of your virtual server like your current Internet Service Provider or telecommunications carrier.

If you want complete network security and identity management there is the one-time integration of DIVA/SSM into your network, single-sign-on network access protocol (unless your carrier or Internet Service Provider is already offering it to you.) No other integration into your network is necessary.

Secure Session Manager Software Developer Kit is required if you want complete network security and identity management. There is the one-time integration of DIVA/SSM into your network, single-sign-on network access protocol . There is no other integration into your network. DIVA can be implemented with any endpoint device with connectivity. This means that you can use mobile devices like cell phones to gain secure network access in lieu of USB and identity cards.

Integrate the DIVA/Secure Session Manager module into your network access login protocol through simple Software Developer APIs with full helpdesk support. We can also quickly do this integration for you.

Software Developer Kit (SDK) is the utility which will allow you to integrate secure session and identity management into your enterprise access protocol and into your products and services . Only after this integration is done will there be any additional key, key creation and licensing costs dependent on which security services you are implementing and whether you are using these security technologies for internal use or commercializing goods and services. The cost for the SDK is $3,000 US and includes 10 licenses

Clients outside of the United States and Canada will require a permit.


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