In Denial:Code Red the book

Dreamers Jacques Têtu and Stéphane Creusat, a quadriplegic, have created the first exponential, quantum computing secure, identity based cryptosystem that can secure the Internet and eliminate cyber crime. They sustain themselves with a security consulting business and by teaching security courses at a local technical college.

Unbeknownst to them, they are at the center of an international maelstrom and operatives from the global superpowers are trying to steal the technology to further their own cyber warfare goals. In the murky world of cybersecurity, defense and intelligence, Têtu is unable to see that the endless roadblocks driving his business and technology into the ditch are being orchestrated by governments and unscrupulous business competitors. Endless legal costs, punitive tax policies, and professional intrigue are relentless and Têtu breaks down under the pressure and develops 'logic cataracts.' He cannot understand why their breakthrough technology is not being adopted.

In a stunt that even he could not have originally imagined, Têtu goes to Europe on vacation and unleashes a factoring utility that neuters the global defense public key systems and unleashes a Denial of Service attack designed to cripple internet commerce for five days. Têtu quickly discovers he is out of his league when his cyber attacks are stolen and controlled by someone else. With the help of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police love interest, and in crypto-anagram communications with his business partner Stéphane, Jacques barely stays a step ahead of the bodies piling up behind him across Europe and North America as he tries to get back home to Vancouver in an effort to stop his own cyber attack.

Global critical communication infrastructures experience a cascading collapse sending societies into chaos and posing the greatest threat of nuclear war ever. With all the superpowers on war footing and just at the point of mutual destruction, Stéphane Creusat unleashes the fix that secures the Internet and critical infrastructures in a way that only he can with the single key stroke by the back of one knuckle on his clubbed hands.


André Jacques Brisson is a cybersecurity expert. Born in Canada and raised in the United States, he remains deeply attached to California where he grew up loving beach, sea and sun. As a dual citizen, he returned to Canada after completing his MBA and has devoted his professional life to patenting new security modalities to protect our digital world: this includes the patent on the strongest encryption algorithm in history.

In 2001, he co-founded Whitenoise Laboratories [Canada] Inc. Andre Brisson and Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. have published extensively and many of professional contributions can be accessed at

In August 2009, André was invited by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Defense Networks and Information Integration to participate in the National Leap Year Summit 2009 on Cybersecurity.

In April 2010 he was invited to present to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union that sets global standards.

André writes of the perils and threats to critical digital infrastructures in interconnected global networks. He now lives in Vancouver. He is a membership of the Standards Council of Canada, the Canadian Advisory Council, the International Standards Advisory Council of Canada, the Information Technology Association of Canada Cyber Security Committee, the Information Technology Association of Canada National Identity Management Committee, the Information Technology Association of Canada Radio Frequency Committee, and the Computer Systems Training Advisory Committee at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Andre is a member of international standards associations dealing with critical security issues effecting us all. These groups include such austere organizations like the working groups for the United Nations International Telecommunications Union, Joint Technical working groups with the International Standards Organization and regional security leaders like the European Telecommunications Standards Institute in Sophia Antipolis, France where he presented in January 2012.

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