Personal File Security

Group or Project File Security

Whitenoise Personal File Security provides the maximum in protection for personal and corporate data contained on your laptop or desktop PC. Using a new US patent pending encryption algorithm that has been tested by two separate test teams from two internationally recognized universities, Whitenoise through an easy-to-use graphical user interface effortlessly encrypts and decrypts files on your screen that you point to and click on. It shreds the original file leaving nothing that can be read on the PC hard drive. Only the encrypted version is left. You take the key, resident on a removable USB flash memory stick, with you. Send files between your home and office. Only you can read the files when the original Key is inserted into the PC. (Lost keys can be replaced.)

Whitenoise Group File Security extends the maximum data protection of the Whitenoise encryption algorithm from your desktop PC and /or laptop to other employees, friends or group members. When Group keys are ordered from Whitenoise Labs, they are engineered with encryption keys that are unique to your group. Whitenoise securely encrypted files can be freely exchanged over the Internet, wireless networks, e-mail, etc. without fear of interception by third parties. Only holders of one of the unique custom engineered Group keys can open the protected files. (Members of another Whitenoise Group cannot open your protected files, as the keys are unique to your group alone.)

Whitenoise Project File Security Keys can be configured to serve the needs of a group working on a project. Members of this group can confidently exchange secure documents over any digital media, including wireless and the Internet, without fear of them being intercepted because they are encrypted using the super strength Whitenoise algorithm. Keys can be issued to Company members as well as individuals in other companies who may be cooperating on this project. At the end of the project the Keys can be disposed of or reassigned to another project.

The US patent pending Whitenoise file protection system, has survived extensive testing by security experts at the University of California Berkeley and at the University of Victoria. Whitenoise survived all of their tests. Their reports are available by clicking on the ďTesting Validation Key above.Ē

Whitenoise is extremely easy to use. No training is required.

Whitenoise is an extremely effective addition to security systems that are in place today i.e. VPN, firewalls, etc. Whitenoise adds an additional security layer to these defenses. Should an intruder gain access to your corporate network or your personal computer your valuable encrypted data is protected by Whitenoise.

How to Use Whitenoise File Security

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David Wagner Says:

Exhaustive key search is not a threat.

Whitenoise uses keys with at least 1600 bits of randomness. Exhaustive Search of 1600-bit keys is completely and absolutely infeasible. Even if we hypothesized the existence of some magic computer that could test a trillion trillion key trials per second (very unlikely!), and even if we could place a trillion trillion such computers somewhere throughout the universe (even more unlikely!), and even if we were willing to wait a trillion trillion years (not a chance!), then the probability that we would discover the correct key would be negligible (about 1/2*1340, which is unimaginably small).

In this report, I tried every attack I could think of. All of them failed. This provides evidence for the hypothesis that Whitenoise is cryptographically secure.

-Professor David Wagner, Berkeley, October 2003