Whitenoise Results are In!
Today's Date -- Victoria BC, February 2003

The Information Security and Object Technology (ISOT) Group

University of Victoria, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering released Technical Report No ECE03-3 on February 2003.

The researchers, Dr. Issa Traore and Michael Yanguo Liu have been benchmarking and evaluating the encryption algorithm “Whitenoise” against NIST standards.

Dr. Traore is a well respected and oft published expert in security issues. He has been involved in computer security, CORBA security, and security testing. He serves on the editorial of Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA).

Dr. Traore has been an invited speaker at SRL Technical Lecture Series, NASA Software Research Lab, Fairmont, West virginia, USA, August 24, 1998: "Integrating Formal Methods in Software Development Process: a Multiformalism Approach", http://research.ivv.nasa.gov/speakers/traore.html .

To learn more about Dr. Traore please visit http://www.ece.uvic.ca/~itraore/Publi.html.

“From these results, it appears that Whitenoise encryption process is very fast compared to available cryptosystems, and that it can be used equally to encrypt various kinds of data formats, and hence can be used for various kinds of applications. The outcome of this evaluation is that Whitenoise is an efficient and cost-effective algorithm for securing direct communications from point-to-point over different media and processes including wireless, microwave, radio waves, remote controls, cables, wires, disks, etc. It is also ideal to be utilized to create a secure network layer for the Internet.”

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