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Total network security with one DRNG key meets The World’s fastest SSL / TLS Web Server

Whitenoise (globally patented) technologies prevents all known and unknown cyber-attacks. It performs all network security controls with a single key. It has been validated through RSA acclaimed channels.
Whitenoise simplifies security with a virtually manufactured and virtually provisioned framework that balances security and privacy.

Dynamic Distributed Key frameworks are interoperable with asymmetric frameworks. After secure network access with Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) and multi-channel multi-factor authentication, the system performs continuous, dynamic, one-time-pad / password authentication throughout the session. Unbreakable authenticated encryption provides identity and data security.

Whitenoise Technologies provides SSL / TLS integration with the Unified Software Technologies WEB SERVER, the world’s fastest SSL / TLS implementation available. UST provides the most efficient and highest performance platform to deploy the fastest and most secure key technologies over the web.

The UST™ web and application server is fully compliant with industry standards including IETF HTTP, SSL / TLS, and Fast CGI, ITU X509, and W3C XML. UST™ dramatically improves the capacity, performance, stability and efficiency of your web based infrastructure and services.

UST's web server delivers secure (HTTPS) content even faster than competitors are able to deliver normal / non-secure (HTTP) content. Together these advantages help business to grow with new market opportunities, and allow service providers exceptional cost savings opportunities. Data Center, Cloud, XaaS, Virtual, and Internet of Things based web application and service providers will best leverage their IT investments by incorporating the UST™ web server into their technology stack.

Editions are available for enterprise, cloud, data-center, mobile, embedded and Internet of Things platforms.

Products are available for end-users and for licensing within third party hardware and software products.

Please see our joint paper on SSL / TLS extensions for Whitenoise. For more details please contact us:

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#701 – 1736 W. 10th Ave.
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