KT-Tech has the strongest compression technologies in the world.

The Cloud Accelerator

Creat virtual bandwidth with compression

Video for DoD security and surveillance

Video for medical and health markets

Whitenoise (globally patented) technologies prevents all known and unknown cyber-attacks. It performs all network security controls with a single key. It has been validated through RSA acclaimed channels.
Whitenoise simplifies security with a virtually manufactured and virtually provisioned framework that balances security and privacy.

Dynamic Distributed Key frameworks are interoperable with PKI frameworks. After secure network access with Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) and multi-channel multi-factor authentication, the system performs continuous, dynamic, one-time-pad / password authentication throughout the session. Unbreakable authenticated encryption provides identity and data security.

KT-Tech has the strongest compression technologies in the world. When combined with the KT-Tech compression technologies the transmissions and storage are protected with National Security Level technology but resultant transmission sizes and storage sizes of secure data are dramatically reduced i.e. 100:1 compression, 200:1 compression etc. thereby dramatically improving your efficiencies and savings.


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