Andre Brisson, Director of Business Development and Standards for Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc., presented by request Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures (DDKI) framework, Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) and binding organic identity to electronic identity to an international standards working group.

The following link is the presentation given at the 7 th European Telecommunications Standards Institute Security Workshop, January 2012 working group meetings in Sophia Antipolis, France. A video of the actual presentation will be posted soon on uTube. Andre' Brisson Biography Topic

See the video taped presentation on this web site:

In the world of international standards, working groups allow international experts and representatives to craft the specifications required.

A Security Workshop is a key event in the field of international security standardization, bringing together international Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) to co-ordinate on future actions and work areas.