IFSEC Grand Finalist

Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc. is proud to have been named a Grand Finalist in the IFSEC Future of Security Competition, sponsored by Raytheon, Global Security Challenge and OmniCompete in Birmingham, UK on May 17 & 18, 2011.

Security is the top priority for governments around the world as terrorist attacks continue to threaten major cities and economies. Advancements in technology have become critical to ensuring the world's security. The idea of the Global Security Challenge (GSC) was born at London Business School in 2005. They knew about the challenges that innovators face in this market, and created the GSC to empower them through the competitions. The IFSEC Future of Security Competition is a brand new competition aiming to find the next generation security innovations to radically change the security world.

This competition brings together the world's most promising technological innovations at IFSEC 2011 who will compete against each other in a live judging session.

The Cyber Security Challenge is targeted at uncovering tools for detecting, monitoring and visualizing the Cyber Security threat. The technology and products can be used to prevent, defend against, cope with or recover from terrorist incidents and other criminal acts in the digital/online space. OmniCompete and the Global Security Challenge are the pre-eminent organizations for identifying critically needed security solutions that address the most serious issues that face us all.