Win $100,000 Canadian dollars.

Register for the Whitenoise Security Challenge. If you are the first to decrypt the Whitenoise Security Challenge File while in compliance with the official promotion rules, you will win C$100,000.

Download an encrypted file secured with Whitenoise and 1,000,000 bytes of key stream information from the contest file key. No one has ever demonstrated that Whitenoise can be broken but your efforts will advance research in this area.

The contest will run from October 15, 2007 until April 15, 2008 at which time winners, if any, will be formally announced. The first valid solution received will be awarded with the prize. During the duration of the contest, this site will announce on an ongoing basis whether there have been any submissions received. No other claims through any other sites are considered to have merit.

SCA Promotions, Inc., Dallas, Tx has assumed responsibility for payment to the verified winner.

Good Luck
The Whitenoise Team

Challenge: Whitenoise Can't Be Broken