Booz Allen Hamilton is vendor neutral

Booz Allen Hamilton is a global leader in cyber security solutions. They have created the Booz Allen Hamilton Cyber Security Demonstrator in McLeans, Va. to showcase the best security technologies available. WNL is pleased to be included.

Recently, Booz Allen Hamilton announced it has been awarded a contract to support the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) with cyberspace science.

Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. is demonstrating Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures, Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication, and an ITO/ITU Identity Proofing Level 3&4 solution for authenticating network use at the Booz Allen Hamilton Cyber Demonstrator facility in McLean, Virginia. DDKI, DIVA and iris biometrics are distributed key systems (each endpoint has a copy of the key) and provide authentication for assured identity and network access (iris identification). DDKI lays down a dynamic distributed framework, DIVA provides complete network and transactional security, iris authentication binds a biometric key to a digital key. Together they provide perfect identity and continuous dynamic authentication, inherent intrusion detection, automatic revocation, nonrepudiation, signature authorization (DDKI / DIVA) etc. to secure the network and all transactions. DDKI and DIVA provide all network and transactional security with a single framework and protocol. Iris scanning binds organic identity to the DIVA identity management key. Contact Booz Allen today to arrange a demonstration:

James Brenkert
Technology Showcase Manager
571-201-4072 (M)
703-377-5549 (O)