Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

Whitenoise is pleased to have been selected to present at the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley Showcase.

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley 2015 Showcase Presentation

We offer the most secure cloud and hybrid cloud in the world for secure mobile cloud financial services. We offer secure cloud services with 2-step-(multi-channel) enrolment, multifactor DIVA authentication at time of secure cloud network access, and continuous, dynamic, one-time-pad authentication with Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication throughout a session. Additionally, with the virtual Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructure framework it quickly scales globally and interoperably. We provide virtual encrypted storage in the cloud locked down by encryption >250,000 bits in strength.



Free Identity Management, Authentication and all network security controls with a single key

Free 20 gigabytes cloud storage locked down with one-time-pad encryption greater than 250,000 bits in strength

Total life cloud mobile application

$1 per year or 8.3 cents per month


The PITCH (click)

The businesses that are being pursued are:

•  Providing web based, mobile cloud, security as a service (SAAS)

•  Licensing to exclusive partners who in turn sublicense Whitenoise technologies on a country-by-country basis for specific verticals (outside of licenses already granted)

•  Establishing partnerships with companies that make IT components. We will add our security technology to differentiate these products, buy/license the products from these manufacturers, and re-brand and resell secure IT components like sensors etc.

•  Deployment in microprocessors