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November 6, 2013

This has been an interesting little experiment in social media, the quality of the press, and far most importantly the quality of scientific method and accountability or verification or the lack of it by the loudest voices in the most important debate of our time: How do we balance the constitutional demand between Privacy and Security? There are screeds but very little scientific analysis or demonstration of scientific capabilities.

Effective change will only happen with those willing to broaden the converstion so it is balanced (just as we need to balance Privacy and Security.) And there are two components needed for this debate: workable technology and considered legislation that is reacting to the broad section of democratic arguments. A balanced debate is not comprised of fractional groups with access to the Internet and a silenced majority. The most effective path would be for journalists and scientists to follow the science and see how it has been practiced and validate it or demonstrate something and disprove it. But that is harder than writing.

What we haven't seen yet from the anticipated first responses is any credible academic institutions, computer scientists, governments or labs concerned enough about the woeful state our our security posture to actually question scientific method performed in the past or interested in evaluating science before them and asking meaningful questions. Materials are freely available for fair, unbiased testing. It is a simple task to test and verify independently the results already published by scientific institutions in labs in properly controlled environments that already have done the hard work. And strong science, properly practiced is replicable and verifiable.

We certainly haven't seen any of the blogging world capable of taking the challenge put before them.

That reality stands on its own. The rest is white noise.


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