Silicon Valley, California

August 4, 2015

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley voting members named Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. as a 2015 SPIFFY Awards Finalist.

Whitenoise is pleased to have been invited to sit on a panel with Intel, IBM, Wipro, and Mimir Networks on Oct 28, 2015 at the TCSV Deep Dive on Security event at Microsoft, Sunnyvale, California. See meeting abstract. Supporting presentation: Deep Dive: Cybercrime, Security, and Privacy in the Snowden Era

Being nominated by the vote of the Council is significant. It demonstrates the enormous, increasing and critical need for security technologies that work.

The San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology means that Whitenoise security technologies are considered by the companies that provide communications for the majority of the world as one of the five game changers that is most likely to disrupt markets and change the way people do things.

As the only alternative solution to public key infrastructure (PKI) frameworks, Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures (DDKI) provide a virtual, secure alternative security framework and architecture representing a revolutionary change of the same order of magnitude that Tesla's alternating current solutions represented against Edison's direct current solutions in physics and electrical sciences.

There are only two choices in network security frameworks and we know PKI is fatally flawed.

This nomination follows on our selection by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley (TCSV) for their prestigious Showcase 2015. It also follows Whitenoise being a TCSV/Nokia Global Innovation Challenge Demo Winner for Cloud and Colossal data solutions.

One distributed exponential Whitenoise identity management key will create an infinite number of one-time-pads . One key performs all network security controls including secure network access, continuous dynamic authentication, authorization, signature, inherent intrusion detection, automatic revocation, data provenance and perfect identity in any digital context.

Whitenoise globally patented technologies are differentiated by providing a virtually manufactured and virtually provisioned Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructure (DDKI) that works seamlessly with any other network security controls, frameworks and architectures and fixes the fatal flaws of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) which is your only current defense in a battle you have been losing until DDKI.

"Disruptive technologies by definition are worth a lot more money than technologies that represent only simple, incremental changes to existing, old and obsolete technologies," said André Brisson, founder of Whitenoise Labs. "Being recognized for quality of technology and its fundamental impact by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, the most important telecommunications council in the world, is a stunning commercial validator of Whitenoise."

"Network security is a cryptographic problem that can only be addressed with foundational cryptographic, objective, key-based technologies." Mr. Brisson continued, "Telecoms and large service providers are distracted by big data analytics, heuristic and behavioral approaches, and authorization schemes as security solutions. But the problem has already entered your device or network and they exasperate overhead. There are already billions of potential losers before you even get notification if intrusion detection is after the fact."

"Whitenoise technologies require perfect authentication for persons, devices and data for network access and provides continuous, dynamic, one-time-pad authentication calls." Mr. Brisson concluded, "In this fashion, if a user doesn't have a legitimate key or if data isn't properly identified and protected, it never gets on your network or devices in the first place."

"Choosing disruptive technologies is the hardest decision for visionary, telecom executives to make," continued Mr. Brisson. "That is why we have designed a no-risk, remote, cloud-based pilot platform for use at the University of Victoria, British Columbia where specific telecom solutions can be implemented, tested, validated and rolled out in an objective, neutral, experienced, and professional environment with access to world class network and security resources."

An example would be implementing DDKI with an IPv6 driver upgrade during routine maintenance that was presented to the TCSV.

Join a pilot by visiting:


Demonstration on Whitenoise key creation and speed AND speed of factoring public keys


A look at a successful attack on Apple and other attack classes

Automatic resiliency and automatic regeneration of enterprise class networks and compute resources

Analytics, cloud and tranforming the security analyst


"The 2015 SPIFFY Awards mark the most competitive group of entrants to date," said Liz Kerton, President of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. "SPIFFY nominees are chosen for their innovative solutions, approach to the market, and strong leadership. Winners are in an elite group that will secure attention from global service providers for years to come."

The SPIFFY Awards is an annual ceremony that recognizes the best telecom solutions of the past year. Since TC3 2014, the Service Provider Forum (SPIF) and the wider Telecom Council will have reviewed over 200 telecom companies. By simply being nominated for a SPIFFY, startups are recognized as the most elite in the industry with ideas, relevance, and traction that appeal most to global service providers. Award categories include innovation, creativity, emergent entrepreneurship and competitive excellence. Winners will be announced during TC3 on the evening of Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.


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