Silicon Valley, California

July 20, 2013

Whitenoise Laboratories and DIVA have been nominated by global telecommunication carriers and the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley's Service Provider Forum (SPIF), consisting of 30+ global Service Providers, for a coveted SPIFFY Award to be announced September 2013. The Service Provider Forum honors the best of the best. The SPIFFY awards go to the companies that have the ideas, relevance and traction.

The San Andreas Award is for the most game-changing technology presented to the Telecom Council. It is offered to the company whose progress is most likely to change the way people do things.

"As a technology which could shift 25% of a Telco's revenue to being derived from a self-running authentication service, we expect Whitenoise Labs to be very well received," said Telecom Council President, Liz Kerton.

The same technology that frees you from remembering usernames and passwords solves the number one national security problem of cyber security. And all it requires is one security control that is called when you log into a network or application.

"This kind of accolade and recognition is gratifying," said Richard H L Marshall, WNL CEO and former Director of Global Cyber Security for the US Department of Homeland Security.



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