Registration for Whitenoise Challenge

Inquiries about participating in this cryptographic challenge can be addressed to . Civil and serious inquiries and questions will be answered.

To enter the Contest submit your legitimate name and emailing address to Register for the Whitenoise Challenge. You must put "REGISTRATION FOR THE WHITENOISE CHALLENGE THAT BLACK HAT WOULD NOT TAKE" in the subject line of the email to direct to the correct department.

The contest officially started at 12:00 a.m. August 15, 2013. The contest is one year long. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL site for the Whitenoise Challenge That Black Hat Wouldn't Take. You may register and participate at any time during the contest period.


FOR an interview contact: Richard H. L. Marshall: CEO WNL - Former Director Global Cyber US DHS at or phone: 443-718-1833

We will send you the encrypted contest file or a link to the contest file to be download. In either fashion it will be comprised of the Contest File to be decrypted and a portion of key stream from the unique key used to encrypt the Contest File.

No purchase is required.

The Contest File will be encrypted with a single, unique Whitenoise contest key. 

Any person, institution, or contestant that registers for this contest understands that all break claims submitted including erroneous and unproven ones, as well as the winning submission if any, can be made public in any fashion chosen by Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. and the submissions and their by-product, scientific and otherwise, are the exclusive and sole property of Whitenoise

An entrant may be disqualified from the Contest if it's determined that the entrant:

- Is not legally qualified by age or right or law to participate in such a contest in their country or legal jurisdiction.

- Shows a disregard for these Official Rules;

- Acts in a manner with an intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass other entrants or Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. representatives;

- Acts in any other disruptive manner;

- Attempts to enter the Contest through any means other than set forth herein;

- Attempts to disrupt the Contest or circumvent the terms and conditions of these Official Rules; or

- Attempts to submit multiple entries after being notified as a winner; or

- A submission may be disqualified if the contest file is not decrypted in its entirety to produce an identical bit for bit decryption of the contest challenge file;

- A contestant registrant may be disqualified if a successful decryption of the contest file is accomplished by criminal or illegal means.


After breaking the encryption, submit your solution to Whitenoise Challenge Break. You must put "PROPOSED BREAK OF WHITENOISE KEY" in the subject line so that it can be directed to the correct department. Digitally sign your decrypted contest challenge contest file and submit a detailed written description of how you accomplished to break the file. The submitted claim and technique must be repeatable by an independent third party or an accredited security laboratory at a university or technical college in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Oversight will be provided by a qualified law firm. The winning entry will be a complete and identical decryption of the contest file in its entirety. Please carefully review contest rules.

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