Securing Biometrics

Arlington, VA
November 8, 2016

The Achilles ' heel of biometrics is that when biometrics are compromised a client's organic identity is compromised forever.

Not anymore.

WNL is integrating its solutions to turn biometrics into one-time-pads with world renowned Iritech. An iris biometric is bound to a unique Whitenoise Identity Management Key. If a biometric key is ever compromised the Whitenoise key has not. Security has not been compromised. A simple routine protects any kind of biometric i.e. finger print etc.

Iritech is a US based iris recognition solution provider. They are top ranked by the US government's NIST for accuracy, interoperability and enrollment. Iritech is the first to receive STQC certification for iris enrollment and authentication cameras from the Indian government for UIDAI project (the largest biometric project in the world). Iritech has been chosen by United Nations to authenticate refugees all over the world. IriTech systems are installed in US Immigration, US Navy and Army, US Department of Homeland Security, India Project, and UN Refugee Project , the DHS (US-VISIT program) and the US Navy.

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About André Brisson:


Mr. Brisson was listed by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as being in the Top 100 Cyber Security Experts and was invited to sit on the core provenance group of the US First National Cyber Leap Year Summit.

He conceived Whitenoise and founded Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. (WNL) to exploit revolutionary security technology.

He sits on the CST Advisory Board for the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Mr. Brisson has been involved in international and national standards organizations.

Mr. Brisson has presented at the United Nations International Telecommunications Union in Geneva, Switzerland.