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October 19, 2016

"The 2016 US elections and wiki-leaks shows how far behind the eight-ball the US is in cyber security. The threat is real, pervasive and includes state actors," said André Brisson of Whitenoise Laboratories. "Placing the Sequor-Whitenoise secure TLS servers and The Cloud Accelerator at Green House Data enable simple deployment of secure technologies at the infrastructure level to protect critical infrastructures, business networks, home networks and the Internet-of-Everything." Ordering and enablement are a simple on-line process and they are available nationally and internationally.

The Sequor Speed servers feature patented lockless programming that are the fastest in the world. Web servers are 7.8 times faster than any competitor servers like Dell, HP, Apache or NGINX. Sequor PKI TLS-DIVA servers are 3 times faster than any competitor and they are fully compliant.

Whitenoise superkey encryption and Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) provide state-of-the-art, patented, one-time-pad cyber protection with perfect identity and data provenance, secure network access and login, inherent intrusion detection and continuous, dynamic authentication throughout a session. The combined technologies prevent all cyber attacks including Distributed Denial of Service Attacks and Quantum Computer attacks.

Whitenoise offers the most secure cloud services in the world with 2-step-(multi-channel), multifactor DIVA authentication at time of secure cloud network access, and continuous, dynamic, one-time-pad authentication with Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication throughout a session. It quickly scales globally and interoperably. We provide virtual encrypted storage in the cloud locked down by one-time-pad encryption >25,000 bits in strength!

Placement at Green House Data faciliates delivery of secure cloud services. Green House provides an independent location for testing, challenge and validation by scientists, cryptographers, businesses, universities, government, white hats and black hats.

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About Green House Data

Green House Data is a data center services provider headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cheyenne is home to a campus with 45,000 square feet of data center space, administrative and technical support offices. The company has additional data center locations in Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, and New York, with sales and marketing offices in Laramie and in Denver, Colorado. wiki

About André Brisson:

Mr. Brisson was listed by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as being in the Top 100 Cyber Security Experts and was invited to sit on the core provenance group of the US First National Cyber Leap Year Summit. He conceived Whitenoise and founded Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. (WNL) to exploit revolutionary security technology. He sits on the CST Advisory Board for the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  Mr. Brisson has been involved in international and national standards organizations. Mr. Brisson has presented at the United Nations International Telecommunications Union. Whitenoise technologies are patented globally.