Canadian Technology Accelerator India

Bangalore, India
December 12, 2014

The High Commission of Canada in India has chosen Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. to join the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in India.

"This is exciting," said André Brisson, founder, "because it builds on the momentum generated from the CTA at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)." The CIC is located at Kendall Square adjacent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Whitenoise has been participating in business development programs at both the CIC and MIT since May 2014.

"It will be proven out that the innovative programs run by International Trade Canada and the Trade Commission Service of Canada will be vital to rapidly building markets globally for key Canadian technologies," said Mr. Brisson. "Whitenoise looks forward to following up our participation with the Canadian Technology Accelerator in India in Silicon Valley, California USA and in Europe, particularly London and Paris. The CTAs will become an even broader launching pad from there. The CTAs with their intimate knowledge of every econonic ecosystem has proven itself unparalleled in facilitating business contacts and opportunities for Canadian companies that want to expand globally."