Black Hat: Hide and Seek?

Vancouver, B.C.

July, 2013 Opinion

"Oh my," said Andre Brisson, founder of Whitenoise Laboratories. "This would seem embarrassing and inexplicable for Black Hat indeed if true."

Richard Marshall, former Director of Global Cyber Security for the US Department of Homeland Security had been a courted and invited speaker at a Black Hat conference in 2010.

Subsequently Richard Marshall and Andre Brisson contacted Black Hat about running one of their well known contests in the Fall of 2012. It got no response from Black Hat whatsoever. Subsequently, when approached about running a similar contest with a competing security hacking group to Black Hat the following article was written.

Again this generated no response from Black Hat. At least not in any anticipated way.

If one Goggles Richard H L Marshall Black Hat even now the search engine still brings up the following results.

If one follows the top hyperlink to one no longer finds Richard Marshall among the list of speakers with a hyperlink button and an easy way to find his biography or any indication he was invited to and spoke at this conference.

But it is a Black Hat job to dig let alone a White Hat job - if one goes through all the resumes painstakingly one eventually finds it buried deep down - far deeper than the average person would bother to look. It took a long time to find a footprint.

"Who can say exactly what this means? It would seem to have been far easier to post the challenge instead of possibly trying to hide its footprints, if that is what occurred," says André Brisson, founder of Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. "It is left to the judgment of other persons who share our concerns for the nation's security and welfare."