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January 22, 2016

These links have been sent to all members of the DHS and Cyber Security committees. They are all publicly posted on Linked In where these redirect. Please re-tweet and forward to your friends.

Russia studies quantum computing attack resistant cryptography more than allied countries combined.

Shameful behavior - Government and your service providers are fully aware of unbreakable encryption and authentication that would guarantee the ability to balance security and privacy. Wouldn't you have preferred to have known?

Two conclusions from the security analysis from the University of California, Berkeley labs report were that there was no known mathematical attacks that were effective against Whitenoise and that Whitenoise was not susceptible to brute force (and now post quantum computing) attacks.

The security analysis also stated:   

"Exhaustive keysearch is not a threat. With the recommended parameters, Whitenoise uses keys with at least 1600 bits of randomness. Exhaustive search of 1600-bit keys is completely and absolutely infeasible. Even if we hypothesized the existence of some magic computer that could test a trillion-trillion key trials per second (very unlikely!), and even if we could place a trillion-trillion such computers somewhere throughout the universe (even more unlikely!), and even if we were willing to wait a trillion-trillion years (not a chance!), then the probability that we would discover the correct key would be negligible (about ½ to the 1340th power), which is unimaginably small. Hence, if keys are chosen appropriately and Whitenoise is implemented correctly, exhaustive keysearch is not a threat."




There are challenges faced by carriers and service providers in complying with government surveillance mandates. The recent passage of the UK Investigatory Powers Act may presage significant changes to US policy post Patriot Act.

One Whitenoise implementation uses the distribution of a generic key schedule by carriers and cloud service providers to their clients. The endpoint client perturbs this generic key schedule with their own secret pass phrases to make a unique key secret to the endpoint client. When the client sends encrypted data through communications and uploads it into the cloud for storage the carrier or service provider does not have a copy of the key. As such, there is little other than the capture and retention of encrypted data that a service provider can be compelled to do.

When the upload or transmission is further encrypted (double encrypted) over TLS or SSL the carriers have no copies of the first key and cannot compromise client data themselves. Neither are they able to provide all the necessary key material to outside agencies pushing responsibility to the endpoint originator of communications.

This utility provides an example of such a key schedule and is free to download for testing by researchers and can be found on the Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. website or by searching the internet for distributors of the Free Whitenoise Strong Encryptor.

This technique was originally developed as a method of allowing manufacture of electronic components requiring cryptography in non-friendly trading partner countries without compromising final security. This was because the US DoD had so many components which were manufactured in China.

Fake news


Whitenoise Laboratories Provides Free Data and Email protection

For independent testing or use search online for the FREE Whitenoise Strong Encryptor or go to the following link.



"The 2016 US elections and wiki-leaks and FAKE NEWS show how far behind the eight-ball the US is in cyber security. The threat is real, pervasive and includes state actors," said André Brisson of Whitenoise Laboratories. "Sadly while Russia was coming to our web site seven times more often then allied countries, and strong cyber security solutions were known and suppressed. "

"Now terms like cognitive war and cyber mutual self destruction have come into vogue. Although this was inevitable, it can be fixed. Even if cynical service providers don't provide your security, you can easily empower yourselves."

NOBUS is the practice of propagating cyber security solutions that is breakable by "Nobody but us!" The institutions, standards groups, multi-nationals and governments that want it both ways have different goals and biased editorials. They never demonstrate theirs claims as to whether their solutions are secure ( they are not ) or other solutions aren't ( because they can't. ) Talk is cheap in science. Proof is reality.

Whitenoise technologies are patented globally including Canada, United States of America, China, India and the European Union. They are regulated and require permits outside of the United States and Canada which enjoy unencumbered cryptographic technology transfer with one another. Because of this Americans and Canadians can empower themselves and protect their own data and email.

Cyber crime attacks two places - data in storage and network communications. For the average consumer and small businesses network communication is email or the internet.

Whitenoise Laboratories is giving anyone in the United States of America or Canada FREE PERSONAL PROTECTION. It can be found by searching the internet. This allows both anonymous testing and use.

The Secure Email Attachment Utility allows anyone to send secure files as an attachment to regular email. The users create their own unbreakable key. The user shares their passphrases with their confidantes. No one else has or knows the unbreakable, 25,000 bit plus, one-time-pad key .

The Virtual Disk Encryption Engine (VDEE) will allow you to secure all your data on personal devices with unbreakable, 25,000 bit plus, one-time-pad encryption . In one step you can protect your data, files and emails from hackers, unauthorized personnel, Black Hats, White Hats, foreign actors, and even employers in "Bring Your Own Device BYOD environments."

A virtual container (silo drive) is created on your device and ALL your data is automatically saved with strong encryption. There is NO change in device use. There is no integration with any other device applications.

Email and all documents and files are automatically protected when the data files for related applications are in your virtual drive.

If you lose your phone or tablet or notebook you are protected. If anyone can manage to get physical access into the device they cannot access data since you are the only one who knows the passphrases.


For more information please study .






About André Brisson:


Mr. Brisson was listed by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as being in the Top 100 Cyber Security Experts and was invited to sit on the core provenance group of the US First National Cyber Leap Year Summit. He conceived Whitenoise and founded Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. (WNL) to exploit revolutionary security technology. He sits on the CST Advisory Board for the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Mr. Brisson has been involved in international and national standards organizations. Mr. Brisson has presented at the United Nations International Telecommunications Union. Whitenoise technologies are patented globally.