About the Whitenoise Security Challenge

Inquiries about participating in this cryptographic challenge can be addressed to info@wnlabs.com . Civil and serious inquiries and questions will be answered. We will now respond to participants directly.

This is a crytographic challenge and the encrypted contest file is the exact material available to any criminals, hackers, or qualified scientists when a distributed crytographic system is used for encryption and the exchange of digital content over IP based networks, authentication or for other security controls. In distributed and dynamic distributed key systems, the key is pre-distributed (for example in a chip set) and pre-authenticated. In a network session, there is never any transfer of keys or offsets. This presents a particularly difficult kind of cryptographic challenge.

And yet it is a challenge that is oft repeated by qualified cryptographers and laboratories.

For example, side channel attack methods are techniques derived to create a crib from physical data (like electrical transmissions) as a means of recreating and breaking a key by mapping it against captured encrypted transmissions available between endpoints.

Mathematical attacks have been devised to try to find patterns or enough correlations between the available parts of communication (i.e. a portion of key or plain text and encrypted data) in order to attempt to recreate a key.

RSA did factoring challenges for ages where they only provided public composite primes.This tested the security of the assumption that the multiplication of prime number values is a one-way function.

This challenge is the exact context used over the last couple of years by a defense contractor Common Criteria lab in the Washington DC area in black box testing.

It is the same context used by the University of Berkeley ECE Labs for security testing. Review that paper for assistance in setting up your attack.

It is the same context used by the University of Victoria ECE Labs for performance testing funded by the National Research Council of Canada. Review that paper for assistance in setting up your attack.

The original challenge addresses a claim made in ePrint about being able to break a key with 30,000 bytes of key stream information. This challenge addresses any technique you might employ but also challenges performance on another similar claim recently made.

The contest officially started at 12:00:01 a.m. August 15, 2013. The contest is one year long. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL site for the Whitenoise Challenge That Black Hat Wouldn't Take.


FOR an interview contact: Richard H. L. Marshall: CEO WNL - Former Director Global Cyber US DHS at rmarshall@wnlabs.com or phone: 443-718-1833.

The encrypted contest file is encrypted with Whitenoise. Whitenoise utilizes a multiple sub-keys structure that is a minimum of 240,000 bits in strength and which generates random key streams greater than 10 to the 60th bytes in length.

Whitenoise understands the general rules of cryptanalysis. It is considered that there is always key stream material available which is not really the case. However, the contest files will include a 1 megabyte chunk of key stream data from the key used to encrypt the contest file. The Whitenoise web site www.wnlabs.com contains patent papers and multiple presentations on how Whitenoise keys are constructed. Feel free to scrutinize these presentations and papers before attempting your break.

If Whitenoise is used for Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication DIVA as is designed then NO key stream would be available at all because there is NO key or offset exchange of the one-time, pre-authenticated pre-distributed identity managment key following Identity Proofing Level 4 protocols for the one time initial, pre-network access key distribution.

The scientific rules governing the breaking of encryption keys are the same as those governing the breaking of authentication and multi-security function key technologies.

Please download the contest rules. Apply at Registration to receive the contest challenge file and the 1,000,000 bytes of key stream.

Please review Whitenoise Contest Rules.

Serious inquiries about participating in this challenge can be addressed to info@wnlabs.com . Blogs have not yet shown to be effective for meaningful and civil discourse.

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