Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. has developed a multifaceted algorithm that provides new levels of security and high-speed performance in the encryption field. It is capable of protecting all types of data, whether in the form of static stored files or data in active transmission over digital media such as the Internet, wireless, cellular or even satellites. It does not substantially increase the size of encrypted files being stored nor does it introduce delay in the transmission of real-time data, including voice and video.

The University of Victoria and the University of California Berkeley have carried out extensive testing of the algorithm by experienced crypto analysis teams. Whitenoise has withstood all of their attempts to break it. (See their reports under "Testing and Validation" Tab on our website.)

Additional validation of the technology was received in March of 2005 in the form of a preliminary report from the European examination Authority, that granted all 18 claims for uniqueness and inventiveness in our first patent application.

Additional recognition was received in June, 2005, in the form of an additional 23 original claims being granted by the patent authority after reviewing our second patent application for an even stronger version of Whitenoise.

In addition to developing its own in-house products, Whitenoise Labs has a vision of working with other companies, through the licensing of the algorithm with the goal of establishing a new era of security products. For complete patent and/or international patent opinion please write to

To advance this vision further, we have announced the establishment of a Whitenoise technology-licensing program with one of BC's universities. This will be followed soon by other similar initiatives with other universities.

If your company or University is interested in exploring the implementation of Whitenoise in your products and/or projects, please contact or

A. Brisson, SVP Business Development: (604) 724-5094