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Technology is valuable only if you are able to protect it. International Patents are the most effective way to protect Intellectual Property.  
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Paul Thiel
Dr. Issa Traore
Bruce M. Green


Legal Advisors
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Andre Brisson Business Dev.
Stephen Boren CTO


Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc. is currently a privately held company. Management and shareholders, however, are interested and now active in the process of attracting investment from those that can help advance the company’s goals and objectives.

Click on this link to view the company’s latest overview presentation.

If you would like to explore this investment opportunity further and receive a copy of the company’s Business Plan please contact Andre Brisson, Business Development by e-mail at abrisson@wnlabs.com



Whitenoise is patented in the United States of America (US Patent Number 7190791) and in 27 countries who are participants to the European Patent Cooperation Treaty (European Patent Number EP1566009). It is patent pending in 12 additional countries. The 40 patent countries chosen represent two thirds of the world's population and economic activity.

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