Hard Drive Encryption (Coming in July)

Protect valuable Personal and Business information that is on your Laptop or Desktop computer or Removable Hard Drive. Extremely easy to use and very secure. After activating the application with your user name and password you merely drag-and-drop your files, folders and sub-folders to your encrypted “Z” drive. The encrypt/decrypt function is transparent to you. There is no change in how you carry out the save/retrieve functions in your Windowsenvironment.

You determine how much of your hard drive you want to make secure. 20GB,50GB or all of it. If your computer is lost or stolen the valuable data on it is unreadable by a third party. Let us show you what a knowledgeable person with a text editor would see if they accessed your computer or removable hard drive. It has been securely encrypted in Whitenoise.

Click here and we’ll show you what a page from the novel “The Last of the Mohicans” looks like after it has been encrypted with Whitenoise.


                          “The Last of the Mohicans”

Learn how you can try Whitenoise Hard Drive Encryption software free for 90 days. (Retail Price $39.95)

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