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Computer File Encryption Key

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Text Box: Whitenoise Laboratories has developed a lightning fast, easy to use and very secure application to encrypt sensitive files on your computerís hard drive. This high-quality application is extremely simple to use and allows you to encrypt any of the files that you wish on your computer by simply pointing and clicking. The files that you select are securely encrypted on your computerís hard drive. The original files that were encrypted, are shredded after a thorough quality check to ensure that the encrypted version is an accurate copy of the original file. (Unlike deletion, the shredding operation ensures that 3rd† parties cannot read any of the information from the original unencrypted file on your hard drive.)
Download this encryption utility to your USB flash drive. You install the user interface  required to work with the USB installed encryption application on one or more computers at home and in the office. You can now send files to your home computer to work on at night, as the USB key that you carry with you will decrypt the files that you encrypted at work when they are received. You can send secure files to your home in an e-mail or carry them encrypted on the USB key. Files on your computer, should it ever be lost or stolen, will be impossible for a third party to read without your encryption key, and your password information.


Computer File Security encrypts any data file including movies, music and photographs, on any storage media, on any Windows 98 or later PC. By a simple drag and drop operation you can select mutiple files of various types and encrypt or decrypt them as a group with one simple click.

This encryption software, free to try for 90 days, encrypts and pass-word protects data files that you select. You can secure your data on removable drives, flash memory, CD-ROMS, or any external drive, including USB and pen drives.

Whitenoise Computer File Security uses the strongest encryption available, 240,000-bit (minimum) Whitenoise encryption. Read what experts at the† Univ of† California Berkeley and the University of Victoria, BC have to say about Whitenoise. Whitenoise has been tested against other available products and has been measured to be as much as 25-50 times faster in the tests conducted.

So if the security of your data is important to you and you donít want to waste time waiting for your valuable files to be encrypted download the 90 day trial version of Whitenoise PC File Encryption for free. At the end of the trial period you will be able to decrypt files that you have encrypted with the application but will be unable to encrypt any new ones without purchasing the full version.