About Us

In this e-commerce age we are vulnerable to a barrage of electronic enabled crimes that are designed to steal valuable information about us. Things such as our financial assets, and how to access them, as well as our business and client data. Creative media such as movies, games and music are regularly being pirated. The team at Whitenoise are dedicated to protecting digital information, while it is in storage on hard drives or being transmitted.

Our business is to provide highly secure, high-performance products that are economical and easy to both implement and use.


Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.

Securing the World's Information

Products that facilitate security without placing any appreciable burden on the end-user or their organization. Our products are intuitive from the end-users point of view, and will greatly simplify the protection of valuable personal and corporate assets.

Built around the core technology of the Whitenoise encryption algorithm, our products are characterized by their high level of security, as well as their speed, in handling all types of digital data including communications and the secure delivery of creative media.