Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.

Securing the World's Information

Executive Officers

Stephen Boren (co-founder)

Chief Technical Officer: In 1982, as a rambunctious teenager, Steve had a catastrophic bicycle

†accident that left him as a high level quadriplegic. Ironically, this event unlocked a prodigious

intellect and capacity for problem...


Andre Brisson (co-founder)

Executive Vice President Business Development: born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in 1958.

†He spent his formative years growing up in California and had an active interest in school,

†tennis and music. He earned academic distinctions...









Roy Leahy


Chief Executive Officer and President: Appointed President June 2004, Roy brings more

†than 20 years of operational and marketing experience in both global high-tech corporations

†and start-ups. Most recently, as President and CEO of Tri-Link Technologies Inc...



Advisory Board