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It is simple but effective. The Hard Drive Encryptor doesn't get in the way.  
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Hard Disk Drive Encryptor Install and Use Manual

Assigning Protected Disk Administrator Privileges

Disk Administrator Management of Data

Coming soon (in testing now).



Hard Drive Encryptor

Protect valuable personal and business information that is on your laptop, desktop computer or removable hard drive. It is very secure and there is no training. Simply assign a virtual drive for yourself or your employees. After activating the application with user name and passwords, merely drag-and-drop your files, folders and sub-folders to your encrypted “Z” drive. The encrypt/decrypt function is transparent. There is no change in how a person works in the Windows™ environment.

You determine how much of your hard drive you want to make secure: 20GB,50GB or all of the hard drive. If your computer is lost or stolen the valuable data on it is unreadable by a third party.


Your data is protected because you can't mount the drive without the pass phrases.

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