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Knowledge is power. Interaction, testing, updating, maintenance and continued learning are all part of good information technology methodology.  
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  • Security Suite
  • PC File Encryptor
  • Encrypted E-Mail Attachment Utility
  • SFI Key Update


Hard Disk Drive Encryptor and Streaming Demo - zip

Download the BCIT Whitenoise encrypted media file for a demo at: http://www.wnlabs.com/downloads/BCIT_VIDEO.AVI.wnm.zip

Secure File Interchange 2 with AES – pps

Computer File Security Narrated Demo - pps

Secure File Interchange Narrated Demo - pps

Secure File Interchange Administrator functions - pdf


Randomness is an important element of encryption. Take any of the trial or commercial applications and test the encrypted files. Go to the following web site and follow the testing directions. This site uses radioactive decay as a random data source as a product. http://www.fourmilab.ch/hotbits/ At this site you can rapidly (just a minute or two) perform at least 6 tests evaluating the randomness of encrypted data. Compare the results of these tests with the Whitenoise™ random data file attached with the results achieved with a chunk of encrypted data using any process you currently employ, or compare the results against those achieved on the Hotbits site. Testing results from extensive randomness testing against the NIST test suite is available from the University of Victoria. sales@wnlabs.com

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Even if the WNkey was stolen, or were the corresponding key structure compromised along with knowledge of the WNL algorithm, on-going use of the WNkey to gain unauthorized access to protected data would not be possible without the index value corresponding to the authorized history of use between legitimate correspondents.

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