This is a list of the most common security options. For customization to your specific needs please contact customer support.

Note - with all these applications, you the publisher can choose how you want to contend with illegal use or duplication or your software.

  • Simply monitor use and theft
  • Force the software to return to demo mode and time out
  • Stop the application from installation
  • Set the threshold for the number of installations you will allow
  • Stop the application from working
  • Make your application operate in an unpredictable way (for instance, if piracy was discovered on a basketball game, you can make the diameter of the hoop smaller then the diameter of the ball.)
  • Identify and track specific pirates for legal action
  • We can customize the appropriate response for you

Note - Our utilities are designed to protect your intellectual property and ensure that your clients are honoring the terms of your user licenses. While the applications will prevent the illegal theft or use of your software, there are no destructive responses incorporated. No one utility should be deployed alone.

SCP - Integrity Verifier.

BSB - Use either full registration or anonymous registration for machine association.

SCP/BSB/Whitenoise - This deployment is for theft prevention. This will create an encrypted copy of your application. Each user will have a different iteration of encryption. We recommend to deploy it from USB flash memory to allow portability while fighting piracy.

CD Key generator - This utility will create a unique cd installation for each copy of your software.

CD Presence - This utility will require that the original CD is in the cd drive on the appropriate machine in order for your application to work.

Whitenoise Copy Protection - The approach we have taken to prevent the theft of our products can be readily used to prevent the theft of music, movies, and software with a result where everyone is happy. Publishers and distributors will not suffer the staggering consequence of rampant piracy. Consumers can remain anonymous and the product they purchase is portable with them.

Proof - try and make an unauthorized copy of Tinnitus.

Whitenoise Device Authentication - This approach allows the association of a device with security via infrared and wireless signals.

These are the most typical options chosen by our clients. We can readily customize these security measures to fit your particular needs and market environment.