Value Statement

Secure your identity and ensure your privacy in the digital age, secure enterprise networks, secure data in the cloud, at rest, and in communications

Network security

Network security is underpinned by the strength of digital keys used to secure your identity, protect your network’s security and ensure the privacy of your data and communications. Nothing is stronger. Nothing else is 100% accurate and effective


With ONE CLICK you can download the single security management console FREE OF CHARGE and you have everything you need to secure your network and manage and distribute unique identity and network security keys. Learn complete system administration in minutes and install and use applications in moments. Try it for one month without cost


Significant advances in network information technology sciences enable complete secure networks that eliminate all historical network flaws. The systems cost less than 10% of the cost of current network offerings

From the free One Click Whitenoise Security and Authentication Management console you will:

Learn why asymmetric systems by themselves cannot give you network security and protect your digital life

Learn how Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures and Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructure (DDKI) frameworks eliminate Man-in-the-Middle and Side Channel attack classes.

Learn how Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) solve the major network security flaws plaguing us all. Your data, identity and privacy are simple to secure.

Install In moments and use security solutions for free in minutes to see how simple it is to secure data at rest and communications.

Enroll for managed network services and learn to manage them in minutes.

Set up a secure network, manage your enterprise identities and data, and create and distribute your own keys in minutes.

Third Party Developers have easy access to APIs and the routines required to rapidly make all your applications and services secure.

Enjoy the protection and peace of mind you get from the strongest key based technologies in history

System administrators (and those learning to manage secure networks)

Secure networks and secure network-of-networks require only one microprocessor, one software framework and protocol, and one software developer kit.

Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc. adheres to recommendations of international standards bodies for non-discriminatory RAND modeling.

Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc. adheres to all permitting regulations.

Whitenoise technologies eliminate network security vulnerability to Man-in-the-Middle and Side Channel attack classes. The technology solves the historical problems that hindered distributed systems.

    Secure networks require only three things:
  • All components comprising a network are identified by a unique identity management key
  • All persons and devices accessing a network are identified by a unique identity management key
  • All network use is logged and identified by keys

Secure cloud computing requires only one thing: The United Nations International Communications Union identifies robust, identity-based, end-point encryption as the single requirement for secure and private use of the cloud.

Whitenoise technologies satisfy the articulated need of international standards bodies for large, distributed authentication platforms where there is only partial disclosure of credentials.