The Problem

Public key systems always have flaws and vulnerabilities.

Whitenoise distributed technologies prevent all cyber attacks and perform all network security controls with a single key.


The Security Problem
The Problem with current solutions

The Security Problem

Yesterdays asymmetric network security technology is obsolete and innefective:

  • cyber is the #1 National Security Concern
  • $455 billion was lost to the global economy in 2013
  • 1.2 billion user names, passwords, and identities were recently stolen by a Russian gang
  • companies like Target suffer huge market dislocation from cyber breaches

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The Problem with current solutions

  • current encryption and keys are too easy to break
  • current identity is too easy to spoof
  • current frameworks are obsolete
  • longer keys slow down the processing and strain computing

Public key processing is so mathematically intensive that even 128-bit keys cannot be deployed in the majority of the components in the Internet of Things and the Internet of the Cloud.

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