Vancouver, Canada ≠ June 28, 2004

Whitenoise Laboratories, Inc. today announced the appointment of Roy Leahy, as President and CEO.

≥RoyĻs proven ability to provide marketing, sales and operational leadership, makes him an invaluable asset, as we now move the company from the laboratory to the worldwide marketplace.≤ states Andre Brisson, Executive Vice-President of Business Development and co-founder. ≥Our long search for just the right fit was worthwhile ≠ in the short time that Roy has been with us, the company has made significant progress in gaining awareness from potential manufacturing licensees and the financial community.≤ says Stephen Boren CTO and co-founder.

Roy brings more than 20 years of operational and marketing experience in both global high-tech corporations and start-ups. Most recently, as President and CEO of Tri-Link Technologies Inc., he transitioned the company from an R&D lab to a commercial product company in the voice-data integration sector, until its purchase in 2002. As President and CEO of Prism Systems, a Nortel-Telus joint venture, that developed, manufactured and supported a portfolio of hardware/software based network management systems, he grew global revenues to over $100 million.

≥ The potential opportunities for the company are almost overwhelming. The increasing need for security of information in todayĻs society is self-evident. The protection of personal and corporate information, as well as communications of all forms, including wireless and the Internet are target areas for Whitenoise Laboratories technology. Whitenoise can securely encrypt data of all forms at speeds that were not possible until now. This translates into the movement of very large amounts of extremely secure data with little additional delay or latency, an extremely important attribute in real-time communications. Whitenoise technology could provide a new generation of security for the Internet backbone. I am excited by the opportunity and glad to be on the Whitenoise team.≤ said Roy Leahy.