IEEE© Whitenoise Papers for ATC 2017 Journal

Workshop on

Trusted Computing in Distributed and Hybrid Systems


IEEE© - Whitenoise published papers

The IEEE will publish 5 Whitenoise scientific papers in the Advanced Trusted Computing (ATC) Journal 2017. These publications are the topic papers for the 14th IEEE Conference on Advanced Trusted Computing workshop on Trusted Computing in Distributed and Hybrid Systems.

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Rapid Factorization of Composite Primes

Whitenoise Encryption Implementation with Increased Robustness against Side-Channel Attacks

Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures (DDKI) and Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA)

Deterministic random number generation for one time pads - creating a Whitenoise super key

Enhancing Transport Layer Security with Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) - Maintaining and Enhancing SSL/TLS Reliability